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Sales is a vital part in the smooth functioning of an organization. The sales vertical is the one that bring revenue for the organization, They are the revenue generation house for any organization & revenue for organization is like blood for living body. The moment revenue stops, the entire functioning of the organization stops. It is in the hands of your sales teams which has gone through Best Sales training programs,  to keep you abreast in the competition by offering right product/ service to the right client at the right time. So, in order to enhance the caliber of the salespeople to influence the decisions of the prospects and convert them into loyal customers,This would be possible if the sales person understands why & how individuals buy product/services. Number of factors determine why people buy one product over another.

Our sales training program covers various selling techniques, simplifies understanding of human behavior that people buy for both practical & psychological reasons, after the trainings sales people can use specific methods to determine the prospects thoughts during sales process & consider certain factors in making purchase decisions. This helps the sales person in understanding the prospective customer’s motivation, perception, learning attitudes, & personality. All these together improves competence of sales people, their presentation skills, relationship building (Customer Relationship Management) &ultimately his sales performance. Companies from all the sectors must invest in Sales Training. The better your sales teams are trained, the better are your chances to generate huge returns for your company.

Premium  Solutions is providing Best Sales  Training programs in Pune for all Freshers, graduates and working professionals with practical knowledge to improve their  selling skills. Our sales training courses in pune are designed to help sales person and non-sales persons to improve their ability to understand the sales process, right from the first stage of prospecting till the last stage of follow up. Our training program introduces the sales people to different sales techniques & strategies of presentations, handling objections, build relationships, close leads, and recognize clients. We are also provide  sales management courses in Pune which

includes from sales definition to the reporting, target audience identification, identify business need, presentation, closing follow ups etc. we offer sales courses for product/services, B2C sales, B2B sales

We keep in mind the objectives of the company, its strategies and what all challenges its salespeople are facing in day-to-day activities while drafting and structuring the sales training to ensure that you make the most of it. The aim of sales training program in pune is to maximize ROI for the organization investing in sales training.

sales trainings are not just about imparting knowledge on sales technique but a customized approach to cater to the need of the organization and it s sales teams. Our sales training program in pune is scientifically designed is based on Adult learning principles. Each module is designed such that all the learning objectives are met. Different instructing methods are incorporated to reinforce & retain learning from the program. Each module has substantive case studies for group discussions, brain storming & analysis. These cases gives students an opportunity to apply the concepts to real situations & sharpen their diagnosis for solving the problem.

Our freshers sales training program is uniquely designed addressing the specific need of employee & employer, It introduces them to the selling vocabulary is essential for understanding the sales world. This requirement specifically is covered in our fresher training program. The program also familiarizes the student about the financial & non financial rewards given sales person, It helps them understand fast track career a sales person is bound to have in future & how it ca be achived. It make them aware of their contribution to organization, society & individuals at large.

The module introduces the individual to every stage of sales process, its importance, relevance, difficulties, dynamics in the stage. The instruction methods used in every module equips the students with knowledge, techniques, strategies to deal with difficulties arising in every stage. Our course exercise  makes sure about the high learning & understanding about every concept. Experiential learning helps the student to apply it easily to real situation which they would come across in their routine work. Our module builds confidence in the students which help him to take on the competition easily & remains motivated to take any task at ease. The learning of program are confirmed through different kind of evaluation methods,viz-test,assignments, projects, demonstrations & many more.

Importance of sales training

  • For increasing Sales Output per Person
  • For sharpening the Skills of Sales force
  • For reducing the Market Adjustment time of a New Employee
  • For better Territory Zoning
  • For building a Better Brand
  • For making Sales force more responsible for Company’s Goals
  • For better Work-Life Balance
  • Generating Good Revenue

Objectives of sales training

  • Inspire motivate & Increase Productivity Sales Professionals
  • Take complete Ownership of his actions and its results
  • Empower Sales Professional and Managers focus on ‘Possibilities’ rather than barriers
  • Improve Morale & help Sales professionals sell effectively even during ‘Tough Times’
  • Lower attrition rate in Sales force & eliminate the ‘Blame Game’
  • Enable the Sales Managers inspire and influence the Sales Professionals
  • Improve Customer Relations & develop Customer Centric Selling
  • Improve Selling Skills learn powerful tactics and power closures to increase sales conversion
  • Better Management of Time & Territory

Instruction Methodology

  • Breakthrough Activities:- A central theme of every module that establishes the importance of the topic that needs to be studied, which gives the logical reason for the adult learners & makes them take to course as a personal developmental program.
  • Group activities :- An important feature of the program, that help the participants to break the barriers & work together, This is a our team building exercise which makes the participant  a responsible team player & contribute more than their normal limits. It helps them realize teams are bigger & important than individuals.
  • Insightful Discussions:- This portion begins with real life challenges that sales people face. The challenge pertains to the topic of module that increases the interest in concepts. The challenge help the sales people to discuss about the actions suitable to the situation.
  • Learning Videos:- Understanding of concepts is better with motion pictures, Our instructor make complete use of video learning material in our training modules, Each video highlights a tough dilemma often faced by sales people in todays competitive marketplace & makes them aware of such situations they would be coming across & find solution in advance to such problems.
  • Roles Plays :- Our program is full of sales call role plays that incorporates the different stages of sales process, thus reinforcing the learning of basic concepts.
  • Experiential Learning:- These help the students to better understand themselves when they find themselves in the real situation & checks the preparedness to deal with the situation . Our program put each & every student through this experiential learning exercise.
  • Case Studies:- This is our textual material that makes the sales person approach from broader sales management perspective. Once learned & internalized helps the students to be a better sales person.
  • Test & Evaluations :- Teaching-learning is incomplete without evaluation, which is very important for any individual/organization to know where they stand.   Our program test the learning through paper pencils tests, MCQs, True & False questions. The feedbacks are shared with individuals/organizations future action plan are discussed by the instructors.

Advantages of Trained Sales Team

  • Competitive advantage :- Organization are always have competitive advantage with well trained & polished sales force. It helps them create Brand equity.
  • Low attrition rate :- Sales profession is looked upon as a career which is full of pressure, leading to high attrition among sales people. Well trained sales people are able to manage the pressure & find solution to every sales problem.
  • Reduced TAT :- Customers today have become more demanding & No timely response to them can lead to losing the customer. A trained sales professional is able understand the genuine demands & fulfill the important one in no time.
  • Improved company Image :- Well trained sales people behave like true professionals & handle customers & competitors with care.
  • Increase productivity:- Well trained sales person is able understand sales process related complexities very well. Through the application of various techniques can easily solve these problems with minimum organization resources.
  • Improved customer relations & loyalty:- Sales people have find, target new & retain present customers. As organizational emphasis is shifting from selling customers today to creating customers for tomorrow. Sales person is the company face for any customer. A trained sales person is able to build strong relationship with it customers.
  • Multitasking individual :- A sales person have to deal with variety of internal & external customers, the job function demands more than just selling the product. Companies are expecting more from sales people & looking for multitasking individuals.
  • Fast track career growth :- Individuals/ sales people, who have undergone professional  trainings, are able to deliver even under tough situations. Organizations are looking forward for such performers to take up a managerial role, which offers plenty of opportunities to such well trained sales professional.
  • Improved performance under tough situations :- As the marketplace is getting competitive day by day. The challenges faced by sales people are changing at the same pace, Only those sales people who have undergone professional training are able to cope up with & survive the new situations.

Facilitators/Trainers Profile

  • Our trainer are well qualified from reputed institutes
  • They have vast industrial experience & are masters in their fields
  • Trainers are friendly, cooperative and conduct sessions in understandable language
  • Our facilitators are well qualified to train basic level, Intermediate and advanced levels
  • Our facilitators are coach & mentors for our students
  • Our trainers use different techniques/methods for training.
  • Our facilitators are easily accessible
  • Our facilitators use different tools to measure learning outcome.
  • Our facilitators provide timely feedback to every candidate
  • Our facilitator are inspiration for our students

Our strengths

  • Scientifically designed program
  • Different instructing method
  • Address correct learning goals
  • Objective based learning
  • Different evaluation methods
  • Group learning
  • Best learning material
  • Flexible batches
  • Reasonable fees
  • Assured results
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