Agriculture Product Marketing


Agriculture Industry mainly constitutes for cultivation of plants and  live stocks, which serves as raw material  for many  industries but primarily  fruit processing industry. Agriculture industry is mother of industries, Agriculture sector is a heavy consumer of many products and services. Many of these companies have to market their product to this giant industry and require good sales people for marketing & selling their products. Due to shortage of qualified, educated and skilled personnel, Agriculture oriented companies have to meet their work objectives with under or unqualified Agriculture marketing professionals. The industry requires short term agribusiness management course that develops farm product marketing skills.  

Agriculture marketing course is essential for better understanding of  different  markets, competitions, consumers and many other factors that affect the profitability of company. The study of agricultural business  management marketing includes  all independent and interrelated  operations, the intermediate agencies , involved in the movement of raw materials ,farm processed  goods, and their derivative,s from the farms to the end consumers, and the effects  these operations on company profitability, and other stakeholder like farmers, intermediaries  and final the society that is the “consumers”. Agriculture business marketing course will improve the understanding about how these products are marketed and how to develop sound strategy for marketing and selling products

Marketing of Agriculture Product is a challenge by itself, as the market is very fragments and complicated. The agriculture product marketer  must be well verse with different challenge that one would come across before the product reaches its end customer. Few of the challenges are listed but does not include all of them.

1.Local markets are unregulated

2.Unavailability  of market information

3.Lack of marketing knowledge

4.Poor understanding of grading and standardization

5.Lack of Finance from Institutions

6.Transportation Inadequacy

7.Lack of storage facilities in markets

8.High Interference of Middlemen

9.Adulteration and Many More

Agriculture product marketing strategy involves the over all   plan to  reach the prospective consumers &  convert him  into a paying customers for products or services being sold.. Agriculture product marketing strategy contains formulation of value proposition, brand message, converting data on target customer demographics into information and use it for improving business.

Agriculture Marketing Strategy involve using the seven basic elements of marketing mix  in combination that will let the Agriculture Product Marketer achieve its objectives with minimum resources,






6.Process and

7.Physical Evidence

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Agriculture marketing plan includes of marketing strategies & is the framework  of all  the marketing strategies that are created (based). Agriculture marketing plan helps to connect each strategy  to the  larger marketing process and ultimately business goal.

1.Business’s mission.

2.Key Performance Indices .

3.Buyer Personas.

4.Content initiatives and strategies.

5.Define plan’s omissions.

6.Define marketing budget.

7.Identify competition.

8.Identify the roles and  responsibilities.

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The Agriculture Marketing  Course  teaches the practical & essentials of  product marketing with respect to agriculture sectors. The learner will be enriched with knowledge about.  

1.Market Structure and user research

2.Through Competitive analysis

3.Developing Marketing strategy

4.Correct Positioning of the product

5.Designing Product Specific Marketing plans

6.Engaging and result oriented marketing strategies

7.Consumer Behavioral analysis, feedback,

8.Various Metrics for performance tracking 

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Agriculture Marketing  course will  enable the  student to understand the role of marketing in business and fundamentals of marketing concept. Agriculture marketing course helps the  student to understand the  elements, strategies and principles of  modern marketing practices & apply the learning in their business projects, practices presentations and  discussions. The Agriculture marketing course objective is that the learner must

1.Know, understand and apply the concepts of agriculture marketing

2.Know and understand the agriculture marketing process for variety of products and services

3.Know understand  and use different methods for making marketing decision

4.Know and thoroughly understand the agriculture marketing environment

1.Non- Agriculture Graduates Students

2.Employees / Managers of agriculture companies

3. Family Agriculture Business  

4.Want to enter in new markets. 

5. Launch New Agriculture Product in market.

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