Business communication is a essential for every organization. It is normally indicate by the oral & written communication skills of its employees. The better communication skills its employees have the better is the chance of organization overcoming the competition. Business communication broadly has two forms written & oral. Both of these are inevitable part of communication & one of the important factor for success. It can severely affect the performance of any organization.

Organization frequently use oral form of communication, to interact with its stake holders on different occasions, i.e.  meetings with prospective & existing customers, vendors, channel partners, events, public’s, investors and many more. It is the quality of oral communication that helps in creating a brand image of the organization. Stake holders are impressed with oral communication skills, which make be in the form of a presentation, telephonic interaction, Audio visual interaction, anchoring, introducing the members of meeting, greeting  people different cultures & values. A number of events are organized by the companies but are executed only with the help of external resource, which raise huge bills to such companies. All the employees need to have good oral communication skill which can reduce such dependence on the external resource & save the expenditure incurred during such events. Our training program take care of all the formats used in oral communication ensures good results for your investments. For details kindly click the link.

Professional writing carried is out in organizations to communicate with internal and external audiences, so must be clear, concise and coherent. the message must be simple, direct & be easily understood by the recipient. At the same time should be ready in no time, But many a time organizations have to out source such activities for lack of internal resource. This course aims at developing the writing skills of the employees, which would be useful in writing letters, emails, memos, notice, agenda, circulars, minutes of meeting, note making-taking, brochures, user/instruction manuals and many such business documents

1.Thoroughly understand the rules and standards of quality writing

2.Follow a structured and consistent approach for business writing business

3.Understand and apply business writing etiquette

4.Understand and apply the principles of writing clear and simple language

5.Choose appropriate communication medium and approach for every business need & situation

6.Understand and apply the steps for planning, drafting and revising letters, emails, memos, reports

1.Teaches the best practices for business writing

2.Writing activities with instructor coaching

3.More than a dozens of interactive exercises

4.Writing sample evaluations with instructor feedback

5.Extensive feedback and coaching

6.Combines grammar and writing business documents

1) Letter :- An employee apart from his daily work has to draft/write several letters address to different customers, organization, suppliers, employers. These letter are written with a definite purpose & objectives. Such letters are very important in establishing & maintaining business relationship with different stakeholder within & outside the organization. These letters must impress the reader & build attraction in the matter being discussed. The letters have to drafted carefully & pay attention to various aspects of letter like,its structure, its lay out, tone, form & punctuation. Correct selection of these elements play an important role in increasing the effectiveness of letter & the message it carries.

2) E-mails :-  Business houses are embracing new technology to improve the speed of all the process through the organization. Communication channels have been replaced by  electronic technology.To communication faster use of email has gone up drastically. Which are used on day to day activities. It has become a dependable means of communication similar to phone,fax. With increasing popularity of emails, It is being used in diversified  languages  & email lingo has evolved. The objective of training programme  is to introduce the user with general & special aspects of email, the effective use of tone & language in emails, typography of emails & etiquette’s  to be followed while communicating using email.

3) Business Reports :-  This is a very  important tool in used by every business house /organization. Business reports are directly involved in decision making process at all the levels of organization. The content of every business reports varies, It depends largely upon the problem covered, it importance to the organization, complexity of problem, planning & presentation of material. These reports are used as reference material by  professionals for discussions, decision and further planning of the operations. So it becomes very essential for the person to write any report with due diligence, as it is very much likely to be referred in future. So  it is must for employee of the organization to learn about the technicalities involved in writing of an report.

4) Memo :- These play a very useful role in an organization. Majority of them are written by top officials for quick action over information provided. It helps to maintain & regulate the business transaction effectively.These are kept as records of facts & decisions. While drafting memo the context  need to be given a lot of attention apart from the structure, content.

5) Notices :- Are very important piece of business communication, Notices carry a lot of legal importance. They are used for different purposes like, meetings, policy amendments. At work places an individual comes across situations where the person has draft a notice. It has  a certain established conventions & practices. It has to be drafted according to the procedure & practice. Notice have to be circulated to all the members within a specific time.

6) Agenda :- It is an official document of programme of business to be discussed during meeting. A list of all the topics to be deliberated & reviewed at the meetings. It has a particular structure that list important things & usually accompanied with a notice.

7) Minutes of Meetings :- Meeting  is regular event at work place. It is completely formal in nature &  is clearly documented. Minutes of Meeting is a very important document, which serve as official record about the proceeding of the meetings. It list all the decisions & discussion held, recommendation made & tasks assigned to individuals during the meeting. The formats varies from organization to organization, it enables the reader to easily focus on specific contents. The person drafting Minutes of meeting should be very attentive to all the discussions, proceedings, interpret & record the facts. Preparing meetings is a skill & one has to acquire it.

8) Brochures, Visual Aids, Instruction Manual:-  A lot of communication is addressed to stakeholders outside the organization. This communication takes different forms in providing information to these stakeholders. It can be a brochure which provides information about the organization services, its offices, facilities, the products, their features & differentiates from the competitions. Normally the content is has to be prepared by one of its employee. Visual aid is another important document , Instruction manuals is one such document used  used by the customers, it is used to demonstrate the method of doing something who do not know how to perform a particular task, so it has to be well written, clear, logical & step wise manner.

9) Note Making & taking :- It is an essential skill ,It is a skill of collecting information & one should be good at it. Note making is a skill of jotting down important information points, ideas, facts, arguments etc for a specific purpose. At work place one needs to well verse with the process as it helps the person in report writing. Note making presents information in a clear, succinct form with main point & sub points.

1.Make the learner feel confident in while writing business document.

2.Know to choose and maintain an appropriate tone.

3.Know how to create clear, and accurate written communications.

4.Identify the importance of structure.

5.Understand & apply basic grammar and punctuation.

6.Avoid common writing mistakes.

7.Proofread the document

8.Effectively edit the document.

9.Help colleagues & subordinates in improving business writing skills





5. Intrapreneurs

6.Self Employed person

7.House wives &

8.Those wishing to improve their writing, editing, and presentation abilities

Fundamentals of Writing

1.Explores writing for your audience,

2.Discover the purpose of your writing,

3.Drafting, being accurate and concise,

4.Powerful presentation tips,

5.The importance of editing, &

6.How to revise effectively.

Common Mistakes

1.Reduce ambiguous content

2.Common spelling mistakes.

3.Use active voice over passive voice

4.Preventing overwriting

5.Writing clear sentences

6.Avoiding unclear antecedents and useless adverbs

7.When to use contractions

Writing Different Purposes

1.Writing business emails

2.Reports, letters

3.Blog posts

4.Minutes of meetings


6.Social media

7.Job ads

Trainers/Facilitator are the one,who understand the participant well,they match the frequency & deliver the content in a simple & lucid manner.  

1.Our trainer are well qualified from reputed institutes

2.They have vast industrial experience & are masters in their fields

3.Trainers are friendly, cooperative and conduct sessions in simple language

4.Our facilitators train for basic level, Intermediate and advanced levels

5.Our facilitators are coach & mentors for our students

6.Our trainers use different techniques/methods for training.

7.Our facilitators are easily accessible

8.Our facilitators use different tools to measure learning outcome.

9.Our facilitators provide timely feedback to every candidate

They play key role in executing the program successfully and made it the Best Decision skill training course-workshop in Pune, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nasik, Sholapur, Kolhapur and other cities of Maharashtra. 

1.Learn from industry experts

2.Master the skill through practice at our center.

3.Well developed learning strategies.

4.Scientifically designed curriculum

5.Different teaching methodologies

6.Build knowledge and expertise with experiments and assessments

7.Connect with learners through discussion forums

8.Small batch size

9.Personalized attention

10.Flexible Courses schedule

11.Separate batches for students, professionals & Home makers

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There is shortage of skilled work force factors in market due to which organizations land up employing people who are good at their hard skills, but grossly lack on the soft skill like business communication. If this skill remains compromised the performance of the organization remains compromised. Organization have to take an inventory of such important skills on regular basis & plan for regular intervention to keep up their performances. Looking towards the need for addressing the problems for organizations & individuals, Training modules covering both the aspects of communication have been designed.

Premium solutions Business writing course-classes in Pune, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nasik, Sholapur, Kolhapur and other cities of Maharashtra is designed to help you acquire Business etiquette & use of business language accurately  in business writing , that brings about  precision in your writing skills. Developing your writing skills is an essential for you career & business development. Well written, well-presented, concise, and clear business documents,  makes your ideas and arguments appear professional and credible.

The Premium Solution  Business writing course-classes in Pune  provides guidance on an array of tools and techniques that can be used to create credible business documents. The course will help understand &  draft different styles of business writing, for emails, reports, memos & press release.  The training will help you deliver your message powerfully and effectively while saving time and entice desired response..

We keep in mind the challenges faced by staff  members in day-to-day activities while drafting, structuring the written communication internally & externally. The aim of Business writing course-classes in Pune,Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nasik, Sholapur, Kolhapur and other cities of Maharashtra,is to minimize the effort & time in drafting, structuring  & supervising the communication function. We train employees  in least possible time, with latest trends & tools of communication