Technology is highly dynamic and keeps on continuously evolving. These change impact the business operations and disrupts the conventional practices. Business have started to upgrade themselves to cope up with the changes. Many large corporation have been developing software products, which were received hardly any conventional marketing attention. Software giants enjoyed monopoly for very longtime. With changes in attitude towards jobs and preference for independent startups, Big software companies are facing competition from these new startups. This changes in software market  has created a need for having dedicated  marketing team and professional in such organizations. Software companies markets have expanded from B to C. The new buyer is can be reached not only through digital marketing platforms but also through conventional marketing channels.

Youngster entering into the marketing of  software products need to develop understanding about the  IT Industry  business environment and their marketing practice. The software marketing course will introduce them to all such practices and give an opportunity to develop better marketing strategy for their organization which are loosely formulated by professionals currently working good organizations. By developing understanding about software product marketing,The software product marketer  will be in a position to compete and beat the software giants, who have been dominating the software market for long period of time. Software product / services marketing course will improve the overall understanding about the various factors to considered while designing and developing a software product marketing strategy.         

Marketing of Saas product requires the same skills as that of Product managers of other industries need. But marketing of software as a service (Saas) not the same as marketing any other service its more of selling technology as service, where the consumer experience becomes a top priority and not the ownership of the technology. Saas, Paas, & Iaas marketing challenges are very different from the challenges of other type of services, due to technology being used extensive as a source of service creator and provider. Few of the challenges related to marketing of these technology oriented service are listed.

Saas marketer job is a very tough, as Saas feature are unique and varies from other types of services.

1.Its intangible nature

2.Continuous changing and evolving

3.Crazy or stupid brand name

4.Only few buyer in case business buyer.

5.Not understood by average person.

6.Free trials / usage demands by customers

7.Short sales cycle

8.High customer Iteration

9.Customer retention

Saas marketing strategy refers to  reaching and convincing the prospective  customer to subscription of software service.being promoted to achieve   business goal.. A typical  Saas marketing strategy include of value proposition, message about brand,  target customer profile , and other marketing elements. There are several elements to be considered while making Saas marketing

1.Segmentation, Targeting,

2.Positioning & Differentiation

3.Scanning the business environment

4.Developing a Promotion mix for Saas, Paas, Iaas

5.Developing a marketing plan

6.Defining success metrics

7.Monitoring, reviewing and fine tuning to get desired result

As Saas is different from other product and servive, Marketing of Saas on various online products is also different ie Digital marketing is very unique for SAAS businesses, even other B2B industries. While planning for  Saas business digital marketing strategy, Saas marketers  should bear in mind that  common strategies that works for industries, won’t be able deliver same results for  Saas businesses. Saas marketers need to be highly updated about the market competition as the product life in very short due rapid development. Keeping this in mind  a Saas digital marketer need to choose and make use of appropriate instrument while designing a digital marketing strategy.  

Non digital marketing of Saas products includes of making use of conventional tools and techniques of marketing. Though Saas product is digital in nature but, the consumer are not hooked only digital platforms. Confining markting effort only to digital channel will leave a big chunk of potential customers. A Saas market has to make use of  time test convention plan and method to reach this big chunk of customer not reached digitally. 

A Saas marketer has to develop deep understanding of consumer behavior with respect to non digital platforms. Any saas marketer has use a suitable channel to reach this customer to create awareness about Saas, Paas, Iaas product over and above digital marketing. This should be included in Saas marketing strategy and appropriate resources should be allocated by the Saas marketing manager. 

Technology has changed the business competition. The technology has increased customer expectation  have become very demanding. Saas is evolving and growing day by day. The sales cycle has reduced and keep on getting replaced by  a new product.  Saas   marketing is highly impacted by this short sales cycle. Saas  marketer need to equip himself with new development and roll out strategies and marketing plan which can produce profits before the product is replaced.

Saas marketing course  cover all the marketing concepts that every Saas marketer should know and use it resourcefully. Saas marketing course is built on the established framework of  marketing management. The course  explores and develops understanding about Saas, Paas, Iaas business environment & sector practices.  The Saas, Paas, Iaas sector has shortage of  good marketing professionals. and these Saas marketing person  need to understand the environment development to use it  strategically and with suitable  tactics. With Saas  marketing course, learner will get an overview of the marketing landscape of  Saas,Paas,Iaas, which will broaden perspectives and be able to think critically, which is required for strategy formulation. 

1.Know, understand and analyze Saas, Paas, Iaas Business Environment

2.Know, understand and use the marketing concepts for Saas, Paas, Iaas market development

3.Identify factors affecting Saas, Paas, Iaas products marketing

4.Develop understanding about local and global Saas, Paas, Iaas Markets

5.Develop required marketing plan for Saas, Paas, Iaas business development.

1.Digital marketing Students,Computer Graduate Students

2.Aspirant planning work in Saas, Paas, Iaas companies

3.Managers working in Saas, Paas, Iaas companies

4.Those wishing to improve their Saas, Paas, Iaas business

Trainers/Facilitator are the one,who understand the participant well,they match the frequency & deliver the content in a simple & lucid manner.  

1.Our trainer are well qualified from reputed institutes

2.They have vast industrial experience & are masters in their fields

3.Trainers are friendly, cooperative and conduct sessions in simple language

4.Our facilitators train for basic level, Intermediate and advanced levels

5.Our facilitators are coach & mentors for our students

6.Our trainers use different techniques/methods for training.

7.Our facilitators are easily accessible

8.Our facilitators use different tools to measure learning outcome.

9.Our facilitators provide timely feedback to every candidate


1.Learn from industry experts

2.Master the skill through practice at our center.

3.Well developed learning strategies.

4.Scientifically designed curriculum

5.Different teaching methodologies

6.Build knowledge and expertise with experiments and assessments

7.Connect with learners through discussion forums

8.Small batch size

9.Personalized attention

10.Flexible Courses schedule

11.Separate batches for students, professionals & Home makers

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