Sales plays a vital part in the smooth functioning of an organization. The sales department  is the only department, that bring revenue for the entire organization. They are the revenue generation house for any organization. Revenue for organization is like blood for living any being. The moment sales of company drop, the revenue generation slow down or stops & the entire functioning of the organization gets disturbed and finally stops.

1.For increasing sales output per person/salesman

2.For sharpening sales management skills of business owners, Small businesses, Startups, entrepreneurs

3.For reducing the bottle necks in business network development time of a new businesses and startups

4.For better geographic segmentation of market to be covered by sales teams

5.Build  Sales and Better Brand in specific markets by sales employees

6.Set realistic  sales targets  based on market potential 

7.Design Sales strategy based on the market practices 

8.Generating practical and workable Sales plan

9. Improve understanding about sales audits.

10. Improve skills for sales team motivation and retention

11. Understand how to appoint right  sales person.

1.Inspire motivate & Increase productivity of Sales team, Sales staff, sales representative

2.Salesman/representative takes complete ownership of his actions and its results

3.Empower members of sales team/sales representative to focus on ‘Possibilities’ & not barriers

4.Improve Morale,help Sales people and sales staff sell effectively even during ‘Tough Times’

5.Lower attrition rate in Sales team,sales employees & eliminate the ‘Blame Game’

6.Enable the Sales Managers, sales team leaders inspire and influence the Salesman, sales person and professionals

7.Improve Customer Relations & develop customer centric Selling

8.Improve Selling Skills of sales employee & learn powerful tactics

9.Improve power of closures to increase sales conversion

10.Better Management of Time & Territory of sales representative

The  course introduces the its importance, of sales management wrt to relevance, difficulties, dynamics in managing sales function like.

1.Sales Planning

2.Designing Sales Strategy

3.Developing Sales Budgets 

4.Sales Forecasting and Target setting

5.Recruitment & Selection of sales team

6.Sales Controls

7.Sales Analysis

8. Designing Trade schemes, incentives and promotional activities

9. Sales Meetings & Follow up

The instruction method used in the sales management training course helps the business owner to build a good sales team and improve their efficiency through proper scientific management practices

Sales management training is essential for all startups,  business owners, MSMEs, as the challenges in the markets are many and  the chances of survival is very less for  new business owners. Most of the startups and businesses use conventional ways of managing their sales teams, which has its own limitation due the change of market situation.

The need of time is to manage the sales debarment professionally as it bring in revenue, required for business survival. The conventional practices are no more effective to achieve fast growth. It is essential for the starups, business owners and entrepreneurs to undergo a professional sales management training that will help them build effective and efficient sales teams that generates substantial revenue and desired growth for business

1.Competitive advantage 

2.Reduced  sales team member resignation (attrition)

 3.Portray company’s  professional  managed Image among sales teams

 4.Reduce waste age of time, money and energy on conventional practices &Increase productivity 

5.Improved loyalty from sales team members

6. Improve Multitasking efficiency of  business owners. 

7.Fast track career growth

8.Improved performance under tough situations

1.Breakthrough Activities

2.Group activities 

3.Insightful Discussions:

4.Learning Videos 

5.Roles Plays

6.Experiential Learning

7.Case Studies 

8.Test & Evaluations 

Trainers/Facilitator are the one,who understand the participant well,they match the frequency & deliver the content in a simple & lucid manner.  

1.Our trainer are well qualified from reputed institutes

2.They have vast industrial experience & are masters in their fields

3.Trainers are friendly, cooperative and conduct sessions in simple language

4.Our facilitators train for basic level, Intermediate and advanced levels

5.Our facilitators are coach & mentors for our students

6.Our trainers use different techniques/methods for training.

7.Our facilitators are easily accessible

8.Our facilitators use different tools to measure learning outcome.

9.Our facilitators provide timely feedback to every candidate

They play key role in executing the program successfully and made it the Best Sales training course- workshop in Pune, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nasik, Sholapur, Kolhapur and other cities of Maharashtra. 

1.Learn from industry experts

2.Master the skill through practice at our center.

3.Well developed learning strategies.

4.Scientifically designed curriculum

5.Different teaching methodologies

6.Build knowledge and expertise with experiments and assessments

7.Connect with learners through discussion forums

8.Small batch size

9.Personalized attention

10.Flexible Courses schedule

11.Separate batches for students, professionals & Home makers

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