Problem Solving

With the present business scenario, Organization are facing cut throat competition. Organizations are looking forward for skilled employees who can be instrumental in beating their business rivals. The hiring process revolves around identifying bunch of essential skills required for performing the task successfully. Business Problem solving skill is one of those essential skills which is rated highly by any employer It becomes very important for every student  and employee to develop their problem solving skills, Especially students should develop problem solving ability and skill by the time they complete their graduation or professional course. They should enter the corporate world with developed problem solving skills  and fight competition with ease. The training program objective is not only to sensitize the student and employees, but to master the problem solving techniques.

Problem Solving Ability

Looking at a larger picture Every human being comes across problem in their personal and professional life,To over come this daily life problems and find practical solutions, it is essential  for every human being to possess problem solving skills if one has  to achieve  goals set  in their life. Developing and identifying practical solution which are viable economically, implementable on ground and are in sync with  time, is easily possible with techniques,methods and steps learnt from  problem solving skills training module.

Reasons for Weak Problem Solving skills,ability

  1. Laziness,  adamant attitude
  2. Motivation to learn & think out of box
  3. Lack of internal training
  4. No update about recent trends
  5. Refresher training
  6. Under qualified appointments
  7. Inexperience staff appointment  
  8. Not covered in academics
  9. Lack of opportunity and resources to solve problem
  10.  Fear and avoid risk taking
  11. Lack Sharing of information among Peers
  12. Due weight age to problem solving skill in Performance appraisal
  13. Lack of appreciation for suggestion and Practical solutions

Benefits of Learning Problem Solving Skills

  1. Learning problem solving methods helps you to  develop better alternatives
  2. Develop lateral thinking and find innovative solutions
  3. Inculcate  out of box thinking habits
  4. Developing problem solving skills helps you to search more knowledge, information  related to various aspect of situation
  5. Problem solving methods helps to  evaluate the alternatives
  6. High acceptance for person with developed problem solving skills
  7. Are always be consulted for advice
  8. Higher responsibilities and better chances for promotion
  9. Higher motivation Levels and
  10. Promotes fearless thinking