The pharmaceutical market is complex, and so is pharma marketing. It largely depends upon the product being marketed to the target audience whether to physicians, paramedical medics, or to the end consumers. The strategy used by pharmaceutical markets largely depends on its target audience and require a through understanding of the customers  and consumers needs. Pharma marketers either use direct marketing or indirect marketing, so they have to choose suitable techniques and tactics  to convince the prospect for purchasing their product. The budget expenditure for sales and marketing of  pharma product is on rise due increase in competition, changes in regulations,and  new startups offering similar products and services at very competitive price.

 The consumers  have developed understanding through digital platforms and are more aware and conscious than before. Sales representative of Pharma companies have be at pace with these changes to bring their product /service for being prescribed by physician or purchased by the end consumers. The Pharma marketing course will simplify these complexity and improve understanding about pharmaceutical  practices. This course will help the sales representative/ entrepreneurs to compete and develop business through customer/ consumer acquisition and rentention. 

 Marketing teams across all the industries  face similar set of challenges, like  lead generation, Budgeting and approval  for implementing  marketing strategy / activities or convincing management on  ROI  from  planned  marketing activities.

Pharmaceutical marketers face more challenges than marketers of other industry. The set of market challenges is specific of Pharma industry and how pharma marketing professionals overcome these challenges is a matter of developing deep understanding about the challenges listed below.  

1.Regulations & Policy reforms

2.Market structure

3.Changing role of medical professional

4.Customers and consumer empowerment

5.Alternative information sources

6.Perception towards Pharma products

7.Duplicates or bio- similar

8.Many Influence’s

9.Product substitution.

10. Medical Insurance Company interference.

Pharma market is quite twisted. The pharma product market is not only fragmented but buyer is also  fragmented in the sense some the customer himself is consumer and customer is a the influencer for consumer, sometime the influencer role is taken overby patient relatives. The Pharma marketer has to uncover  and understand the role thoroughly. The Pharma marketer has to dodge in between the doctor (customer/prescriber/influencer), patient ( consumer/ customer/ decision maker), Relative ( buyer/ influencer / decision maker).

Pharma marketers have to deal with multiple audiences, their behaviors, due to their overlapping roles like the

1.Doctor (customer/prescriber/influencer),

2.Patient ( consumer/ customer/ decision maker),

3.Relative ( buyer/ influencer / decision maker).

The Pharma marketer has to identify the target audience, know the difference between them, while formulating the marketing strategy. This is essential for meeting the business goals, if the  behaviors of all the audiences is not  understood well then, the strategy will lead to outcome far away from the planned results.     

Pharma marketer has to ensure of right track while developing  and launching marketing campaigns. Pharma marketers should posses essential knowledge &  skills that is required while design campaigns. They should be in a position to use audience behaviors and choose appropriate channel to reach various audiences. Pharma marketer should  use this tips and  marketing channel, instruments so that, the product or services being marketed  are taken up seriously by the right audience.

Wit usage multiple of digital platforms, consumer behaviors are rapidly changing. Consumer or the patient behaviors shows that more 70 % of the patients make use of digital platforms to learn and compare  pharmaceutical product and service either before buying or consuming. 

This change in behaviors of consumer makes it necessary for the pharma marketers to improve their digital presence through a well defined digital strategy. The behaviors of different audiences involved in pharma business demand for a separate digital strategy for Doctors, Patients, and Relatives, who use exhibit distinct difference in their online behaviors.

This situation make it necessary for the pharma marketer to understand  all the nuances of digital marketing over and above the conventional marketing tactics and technique used in past to develop demand for their business.    

Pharma marketing has been widely know for scientific selling of  product and services recommended by doctors and health care professionals. Non digital marketing involve making use of the conventional marketing technique  and tactics which are still effective in this digital world.

Non digital marketing strategy have to given equal weight age as digital strategy but, Pharma marketer in this case has to develop  grip over the different marketing  components like product, place, price and promotion. All these are the fundamental component  of non digital marketing strategy components.   

Pharmaceutical marketing course enables students

1.Hone marketing skills required in pharmaceutical business development

2..To know, comprehend, apply learn  basic fundamentals of marketing,  theories and functions of marketing.

3.To develop an understanding of Pharma business environment, business policies, ethical codes, macro factors and micro factors. among  non-pharma  background students

4.To develop understanding  about concepts and enhance analytical abilities of Marketing practices.

5.To make student understand the difference between Pharma marketing and general marketing.

6.To help  students  learn about the  distribution channels , design promotional strategies, to influence physician prescriptions.




4.Those wishing to improve their business

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