Healthcare Industry includes of sub groups like Hospitals,Medical equipments manufacturers, Medical  Devices, Research  Organization , Telemedicine, Outsourcing,Medical Tourisms. Healthcare organizations that operates in a particular sub group  offer a variety of services to its customers and consumers. The  services offered were never marketed by any of the organization as there was very little competition due a big gap in supply and demand of services. With the change in market conditions and intensified competition, All these organizations have started to give marketing a priority, These changes conditions have created a good opportunity for employments for marketing professionals in this sectors but due to unaviability of good courses/trainings, the  business development  team is still unaware of the marketing practices needed for branding and revenue generation.

 As the healthcare business is service oriented, it largely depends upon the employees interaction with its consumers and customers, right from the marketing team which is involved convincing the customer till the service is completely consumed. The marketing team need to understand the business environment to customize its services to meet the needs of its target customers,overcome challenges, competition, The marketing team has to strike a balance between customer satisfaction/delightgenerate  & revenue generation  for its organization. This balance can be easily achieved by understanding of healthcare service marketing course, which will help the professionals to design and develop appropriate product/ services that  meets the  need of its customer and craft a suitable marketing strategy with limited resources.

1.Laboratory Testing and diagnostics services

2.Psychological Counseling

3.Mental Healthcare


5.Nutrition services

6.Home medical care

7.Nursing service

8.Ambulatory services

9.Wellness treatments

10. Tele-medicine services

Every industry is unique and have certain fixed practices and set of challenges. Healthcare industry is no different as marketers face challenges, so do healthcare marketing professionals. But the challenges of healthcare marketers are bit complicated due to legal restrictions. Few of the challenges that healthcare marketing team has to has to overcome before it  develops a successful marketing strategy are listed below.

1.Legal restriction on  advertisements

2.Regulatory Compliance

3.Attitude towards healthcare

4.Ignorance towards health issue

5.Marketing budget restrictions.

6.Fragment market

7.Low medical insurance cover

Today’s healthcare marketing practices  makes a combined use of  conventional  marketing practices along with internet  marketing to meet the new consumer over online platforms. Healthcare marketers who are well verse with traditional and digital marketing are the one who can formulate a marketing strategy that meet the requirements of  market conditions.

Healthcare service consumers are difficult to convince as the service directly affects their well being. The communication to developed in healthcare marketing strategy should very appealing the consumers. The strategy has to be balanced with right combination of  conventional and modern methods   

Healthcare marketing involves identifying the right, reaching the right customer through right channel and communicating a an appealing message, which will entice the customer to avail service when in need. Healthcare marketing makes use of interdisciplinary practices to formulate customer-oriented strategies. The healthcare marketer need to be well verse with various factors that affect the business and fine tune with them to implement the business strategy for achieving business goals

The healthcare / hospital marketing course is based on the principles of marketing that acts as framework. The marketing program combines the conventional marketing techniques with the new internet marketing platform and meet the business goals. The outline of program  provides a glimpse of what the students will learn and apply back to their projects and work assignments.

1.Marketing Mix

2.Product Basics 

3. STP Basics 

4.Introduction to Product Management:

5.New Product Development 




9.Digital Marketing basics

10.Defining Competitive Set & Category Attractiveness Analysis

11.Sales Analysis, Profitability Analysis, Marketing Metrics

The Healthcare marketing course has been designed such that the learner will be easily able to achieve following objectives.

1.Know and understand contribution of marketing to the healthcare business

2.Develop understanding of different components of marketing mix.

3.Understand and apply the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning concepts

4.Know how to use consumer behavior for marketing healthcare services.

5.Use Promotion mix suitable to the situation

6.Develop a good Public Relation through marketing campaigns

1.Pharmacy,,Graduation, Students

2. Hospital Employees 

3.People joining healthcare sector

4.Medical professional wanting brand themselves and improve their business.

5. Medical laboratory technicians,

6. Physiotherapist want to market their services

7. Dietitians

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