The  education sectors is continuously evolving, showing new trends and facing new challenges, A huge  number of training institutes are opening around the every nook and corner of city, providing variety of courses across different domains. All these players of education sector do not survive due lack of  management and marketing of the institute, Infact education sector has hardly used any marketing effort for admissions, but with the change and shift in trend, Marketing has become a priority for educational Institutes. However the educational institute have weak marketing department and marketing team for business development and branding. Education Services  marketing gives a better understanding about various business aspects that help in improving marketing effort, developing their brand increasing their revenue through more admissions.  

Professionals working in the education sector or planning  to enter in education market need to develop a through understanding of  the markets, its customers, consumers, competition regulators and  various other stakeholders, apart from the factors affect education business. The  education is  service oriented business, its customers and consumer have different need and expect that course can solve their multiple problem. Understanding the need and problems of its customers is grossly ignored by the education service  provider due to poor understanding of customer needs, wants and demands. The education  marketing Course  can prove to potential solution for education institute to strengthen their marketing department and develop their brand

The Indian education sectors is very different from other countries in many aspects. The students  involves many processes procedure and assessments before being admitted to school or university. Any individual  into education  business must thoroughly understand the  environment and its challenges . Few challenges are listed .

1. Students faith in a professional degree

2. Constraints for Education Loan.

3.Students are  financially pinched & dependent on self finance as

4.Poor student recruitment 

5.Reduce engagement on social media 

6. Time consuming admission process and procedures.   

7. Foreign universities entering Indian market.

8. Dearth of good faculties among colleges. 

Educational Institute Branding should be given a priority, because with the changing scenario and tough competition there are high chances of the institute getting labeled as average or below average service provider. Education Institute  Branding will  not help to stand out in competition but gain good presence among students. This will make a memorable impression on consumer, Branding will  help customers and clients to know and what to expect from any educational Institute There are many areas that are used to develop a brand which includes of


2.Customer service

3.Promotional merchandise



Course Promotions involves  activities, which will  communicate the course feature, advantage and benefits to its prospective customer and helping in branding or service to the user. The basic  idea of promoting course is not only,to create awareness among  people, but attract and convince them to buy the product,

An Education marketer can use several types of promotions. Provided he has a good understanding of the these promotion methods like  


2 Press releases,

3.Schemes, Discounts, Contests,

4. Freebies, Scholarships ,Incentive trips, awards and so on.

Education Sales promotion is linked with  overall Institutional promotion effort.

Every educational institute needs a well crafted marketing strategy, Developing a marketing strategy   from scratch is a herculean task. Many educational institutes ignore strategic planning and consider marketing as unwanted expenditure that eats the profits .Instead marketing is  a revenue generator and  connects business with consumers with the entire responsibility for growth.

Marketing strategy for Educational Institutes reflect how well the organization understands their markets and its practices that affect the consumer buying decisions. A sound marketing strategy is based on understanding

1.Who buys your course or takes admissions

2.Defines how you’ll motivate their buying action.

3.How  competitors  are trying to do the same thing.

4.Measure outcome of  marketing activities and

5.Review and fine tune actions to achieve objectives. .

Education Institute marketing course aim to develop understanding about the basic marketing concepts. The Institute marketing program helps the student to apply these concepts keeping mind the various actors and factors that affect the education business., The Education services marketing course will enable the students to develop his capacities and achieve following objectives

1.Promote new courses or educational services

2.Create brand 

3.Generate Lead and Covert to Admissions

4.Attract  New Customers Segments

5.Use existing customer  for cross selling.

6.Develop Brand Loyalty among students

7.Increase Admissions and/or Revenue.

8.Contribute to Profit.

9.Grow Digitally and non digitally

1.Education Marketing Teams 

2.Teachers, Trainers & Employees of educational Institute

3. Front line Managers of education organizations

4.Those wishing to improve education, training, classes, coaching business.

1. Education Marketing Mix

2.Servive Basics : –

3.STP Basics :- 

4.Pricing the service

5.Service Channels

6.Service Promotion

7. Marketing strategy

8. Marketing Plan

9.Profitability Analysis, 10. Marketing Metrics

1.  30 working days

2. One Hour/Day

3. Fees- Please contact on govrn phone number


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