Importance of Decision Making

A decision can be broadly stated as choosing a course of action from  the whole lot of alternatives available at the particular moment required to achieve either individual or organizational objectives Decision making is a continuous process as, it is required for sustaining and functioning of any business. Organization are in search of  employees or fresh talent who have good decision making skills. HR and Functional manager inevitably make several attempt to find decision making  skill while hiring new talent for the organization. It becomes essential for every individual to develop understand about  the scientific method required for decision making in their day to day personal or professional activities.

Every individual, team, group or organization are come across cross roads, where it be any one or every one of them at a point has to make decisions or decision making is routine as part of managerial function or  process. Any type of  decisions  made by individual or a team has to be in the interest of the organization. Decision making is a tough task and to be dealt meticulously , Employees often come across situation where decisions making a has to really very quick. Most of the cases decision are made on basis of information &  data available at disposal, But many  time these are insufficient and yet employees or individuals have to take certain decisions, Consciously or subconsciously, number of decisions are taken by employees in any organization.

Problems With Poor Decision Making                   

  1. Depend on others knowledge ,expertise and other person perspective
  2. Unable to communicate the decision to managers due lack of proper rational and implications of decision  implementations
  3. Isolated and blamed for bad decisions
  4. Leads to over dependency on others
  5.  Tend to use old information and methods, which affect decisions outcome
  6. Leads to indecisiveness and delays, due to which opportunities are missed.
  7. Unable anticipate unexpected results, events, outcomes.
  8. Normally labeled as lazy or incompetent member of team
  9. Affects the overall performance, morale and motivation of individuals

Benefits of Developed  Decision Making Skills

  1. Learning decision making skills helps individuals are able generate and develop better alternatives
  2. Learning decision making skills helps to provide more knowledge and information about  different aspect of situation
  3. Learning decision making process helps in better evaluation of alternatives
  4. Acceptance of Individuals improves with improved decision making skills.
  5. Team members consult you for your expert advice
  6. Get respect from the team members and management
  7. Better chance of getting promoted to authoritative position
  8. Build confidence and elevates energy levels
  9. Start enjoying your daily work as it becomes easy to deliver.