Customer Service Skills

Customer satisfaction is key to business growth and prosperity, which is dependent customer service. Irrespective of the business deals in products and services or both . For any product sold in any market requires post purchase service, which might be in the form of product installation, product usages or delivery. There many allied services required in the sale of  product like payment transaction, product comparison, product transportation, All of these play an important role in customer experience, satisfaction and retention. All of these are dependent on the single most factor. i.e. quality of customer service.

Repeat orders or purchases & referencing happen only after the customer is happy with business transaction & Most of the businesses are clueless about the customer thought and expectations. Competitive advantage can be achieve by  mapping customer perceptions and expectations about the customer service, delivered by employees during customer interaction and improvising the quality of customer service. One of the methods used by organization is by appointing staff who have good service skills that help them in reducing the customer complaints and increase customer retention and customer referrals. All this can be easily achieved if the customer service is effective and on time.

What is Good or Superior Customer Service?

Customers whether new or old  who buy services consider everything that goes in or contributes to the process of service delivery and all of these help them  in making their assessments of the service. firms have a difficulty understanding, forecasting and envisioning the different aspects of the service that is considered in defining high quality to the consumers and at what levels, they are required  to be delivered. More ever managing a service interaction also requires a good understanding of employee behavior in delivering service which is the core of customer service.

Micro  inspection of all the dimensions that contribute to  good or superior quality service, Put a significant thrust on the of human interaction in the service delivery process &  humans behavior is largely governed by his own attitude. The other dimensions that makes the customer service quality good or superior can be understood by the following factors.

Dimensions of Customer Service Quality

Tangibles: Appearance of physical facilities, the equipment's & tools, communication material and the personal providing the service. Everything that gives tangibility to service counts.

Reliability: this is the consistency between the delivered service performance at several occasions, that makes customer believe about firms ability to live up to its promise.

Responsiveness: Provide prompt and effective service

Assurance: Employees knowledge-ability and courtesy  towards their customers, to inspire trust and confidence in handling their  customers with care.

Empathy: It the ability of employees who  put them selves in the customer’s shoes and visualize things from customer point of view and provide customized solutions

 Customer Service Skills Training Objectives

  1. Improve customer satisfaction through customer service
  2. Identify the pain area of the customer
  3. Provide timely and effective service
  4. Identify activities that contributes to customer service
  5. Reduce customer complains
  6. Increase customer retention
  7. Increase customer referrals
  8. Understand customer need and wants in better way
  9. Empathize Customer & provide customized solutions
  10. Bring consistency in service performance & achieve standards
  11. Develop service attitude in employees
  12. Treat all customers with equality
  13. Give competitive advantage to organizations

Customer Service Skills List

  1. Clear Communication skills,
  2. Listening skills,
  3. Positive language,
  4. Gestures and posture,
  5. Telephone techniques.
  6. Product Knowledge
  7. Goal oriented focus
  8. Cool & Calm temperament
  9. Persuasion skills
  10. Tenacity