Self Confidence or Assertiveness

Confidence is term which is used innumerable times and everybody is expected to have certain level of confidence. Every individual come across different types of situations and the response to each situation is highly affected by the confidence one posses. In many situation a person exhibits good confidence levels, where as low level is observed in other situation. The reason being confidence required to accomplish the task or perform the expected role may vary as it is  somewhere linked with our though process and state of mind.

Any person gains confidence through his own feeling of well being, acceptance  of body & mind  at the same time, believe in his own ability, knowledge, skills and experience.  Every one of us like to have good level of such element. Many myths are prevailing & shared by the society about boosting & improvement in confidence, can be achieved  by learning certain set of rules. But the fact  is training, positive thinking, your own knowledge and interaction with other people are some of the ways that are helpful in boosting or elevating your confidence levels

Why Gain Self Confidence or Assertive Skills?

Individuals with high self confidence have a different approach towards their problems and situations. The outcome of such approach is either they succeed or fail but they definitely attempt to solve the issue rather than let go the situation.  Even if criticized, they take criticism as a learning lesson, This make the person aware of limitations and  channelize their energy to solve the problem in future. Gaining  self confidence make you keep the things in right perspective and support with courage to achieve  desirable results for tasks which appear difficult to others.

High Self Confidence Level or Assertiveness

As researched,few attributes are observable in a confident person

  1. Self worth sense is high
  2. Normally free from self doubts
  3. Low levels of stress
  4. Free from anxiety and fear
  5. High level of participation in activities
  6. High energy levels
  7. Enjoys Interacting & socializing
  8. Spreads positive vibes

Need for Self Confidence or Assertive Skills

The situation around us is highly dynamic and it throws problems of greater complexity. All such problem can be solved only if one is confident about himself. There are various other reasons to build our self confidence

  1. Better hiring opportunities from desired employer
  2. Positive Image in society
  3. Attracts  new friends and professionals
  4. Set higher goals and targets
  5. Take correct decision
  6. Colleagues consult & admire you
  7. Easy acquisition of new clients
  8. Overcome competition
  9. Better chances of promotion
  10. Gives courage to take  challenging task &
  11.  Improves  risk taking capacity