Business Etiquette Importance

As a business manager or executive or representative, meeting and Interacting with different people is a daily routine, these people can be national or international clients. While dealing
with your existing or new clients, it is essential for follow business etiquette suitable for occasion. Business etiquette is one of the important aspect for success of business but it is often neglected area by most of the professionals. Being unaware about the basic rules of business etiquette is a sheer sign of ignorance.Many actions of your while dealing with clients appear to be innocent to you but are easily interpret as intentional acts and
offensive by the client dealing with you.

Whether the meeting is social or official you are expected to exhibit your behavior in a certain way. Your clients come from different societies and follow different traditions and as a business person you have to respect their customs and traditions. Most of the expected
behaviors are common like smile is globally accepted as a signal of amiable person, where as frowning and being rude during interaction is considered as impolite.

What organizations expect from  employees and what employees do to meet their expectations about following correct business etiquette, All of these can be learnt  with proper coaching.

Benefits of Learning Business Etiquette

  1. Creates a positive image
  2. Makes you feel more confident
  3. High comfort level during meetings
  4. Coveys a message of respect to clients
  5. Helps to break  barriers
  6. Create suitable environment for business talks
  7. Helps to influence people
  8. Helps you to dress appropriate to occasion
  9. Helps to understand non verbal language
  10. Helps to exhibit professional behavior at workplace.

Weak Business Etiquette- Reasons

  1. Not covered in during academics
  2. Low priority for  business etiquette
  3. No training to freshers by companies
  4. Employees are expected to learn on their own
  5. No sharing of information among peers
  6. Less interaction with people of different culture
  7. Adamant attitude to different cultures
  8. Difficult to learn
  9. No proper guide or trainer
  10. Expensive or High cost of training

Types of Business Etiquette

  1. Greeting etiquette
  2. Card exchange etiquette
  3. Hand Shake etiquette
  4. Telephone etiquette
  5. Email etiquette
  6. Staff meeting etiquette
  7. Salutation etiquette
  8. Dining etiquette
  9. Cross cultural etiquette
  10. Communication etiquette
  11. Dressing etiquette