Over 90 percent of communication take place through email channels. Companies spend huge amounts  on  advertisement and branding on digital platforms. They purchase business email id, business domains that reflect their activity.  All the mails written by these any organization has a business angle to it. This give  email communication  a formal bend. Any formal communication has certain codes to be followed or it reflects unprofessional attitude.

Our business email writing course helps in development of  business email writing skills. The writer is able to choose correct etiquette to be followed, make use of proper tone that show respect to the reader. This course reduces confusing and misunderstandings. The message dratted are short clear and concise. The business email writing course can be taken online.

Trainers/Facilitator are the one,who understand the participant well,they match the frequency & deliver the content in a simple & lucid manner.  

1.Our trainer are well qualified from reputed institutes

2.They have vast industrial experience & are masters in their fields

3.Trainers are friendly, cooperative and conduct sessions in simple language

4.Our facilitators train for basic level, Intermediate and advanced levels

5.Our facilitators are coach & mentors for our students

6.Our trainers use different techniques/methods for training.

7.Our facilitators are easily accessible

8.Our facilitators use different tools to measure learning outcome.

9.Our facilitators provide timely feedback to every candidate

They play key role in executing the program successfully and made it the Best Decision skill training course-workshop in Pune, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nasik, Sholapur, Kolhapur and other cities of Maharashtra. 

1.Learn from industry experts

2.Master the skill through practice at our center.

3.Well developed learning strategies.

4.Scientifically designed curriculum

5.Different teaching methodologies

6.Build knowledge and expertise with experiments and assessments

7.Connect with learners through discussion forums

8.Small batch size

9.Personalized attention

10.Flexible Courses schedule

11.Separate batches for students, professionals & Home makers

Join our Online and Offline Problem Solving Skill Training Batches in Pune,Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nasik, Sholapur, Kolhapur and other cities of Maharashtra.